We had an expensive and lovely renovation to the library 7 years ago and have allowed food and drink.  We have had few problems related to food and drink and people have been compliant about throwing away trash and being careful with spillage.


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We are an academic health sciences center library. We have had an open food and drink policy since we opened the new building 18 years ago.
(closed drinks in the computer lab only) We ask our patrons to clean up after themselves and let us know if there are spills that get on the carpet and we call the cleaning people to take care of that if and when needed. The carpet, furnishings are no worse for wear due to the food and drink policy. We even allow them to order in pizza and other foods and no problems. 

Its 20min to the cafeteria and 20 min back so a heavy time issue if you canšt have food in the library. Oh by the way we also have a microwave for free use too.

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>Dear Karen,
>In my opinion, you should let them bring food and drink.  Make your 
>space as inviting as possible, which means don't make a lot of rigid 
>rules and don't have a lot of signs.  Unless, of course,  you have a 
>special collection of fragile, archival materials or something of that nature.
>Thank you,
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>Hello MEDLIBers,
>I am about to open (hopefully by the end of this month) a nice, NEW, 
>bigger library and I am working on all the rules etc., that I need to 
>lay down from day 1. So I am wondering what you all do about food and drink.
>I am thinking no way for food but for drinks, should I allow if they 
>have a lid or cap? Also if anyone has a really good sign for this I 
>would love a copy.
>And suggestions for different rules that I need to put it place are 
>appriciated. Obviously, computer use, cellphones, printing and copy 
>machine, but I know there is stuff I am just not thinking of yet.
>Thanks in advance,
>Karen Bontekoe
>Medical Librarian

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