Re: consumers / patients in libraries and food.  Sometimes patients come in to the library and they feel crummy, maybe due to being on chemo.  Certain food smells are really problematic for them.  If your patient/consumer population includes these folks you might want to think about limiting food.  Some people don't realize what they consider the "scent" of good food to some is the "stink" of offensive odors to others.

Also, sometimes consumers/patients/families consider the patient/consumer health library with its computers and comfy chairs to be a great all-day hangout.  It's really welcoming if the kids can run around, make noise, and you can feed them there too.  I've had dirty diapers, food detritus, and candy wrappers left in computer carrels. Not everyone has the same sensibilities and understanding of appropriate behavior.  It is a good idea to have administration-approved policies in place for the few who treat the library like it's for every activity except learning about how to better take care of themselves.

Susan Shelly

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Currently we officially have a no food and drink policy in the library but it has largely been unenforced.  I do enforce the no food in the computer lab, and request that drinks have lids.  We don't often have food in the library though.

At some point in the future we will be opening a new library, on that will have a consumer health component open to the public and will be aggressively marketed.  I plan to allow drinks with lids but am conflicted about food.  I'm not sure what image it will give patients, family and visitors to see hospital employees eating in the library.  Thankfully I have a while before I have to decide.

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Hello MEDLIBers,

I am about to open (hopefully by the end of this month) a nice, NEW, bigger library and I am working on all the rules etc., that I need to lay down from day 1. So I am wondering what you all do about food and drink. I am thinking no way for food but for drinks, should I allow if they have a lid or cap? Also if anyone has a really good sign for this I would love a copy.

And suggestions for different rules that I need to put it place are appriciated. Obviously, computer use, cellphones, printing and copy machine, but I know there is stuff I am just not thinking of yet.

Thanks in advance,

Karen Bontekoe
Medical Librarian

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