Wow! There is an abundance of misunderstanding out there, and it seems to have been spread by the reps themselves. Here are the responses I received:

	Only ip range or institutional remote access.

	I believe he has to create the account first within the IP range then he can use his account.

	I found out that answer the hard way- I could have sworn that the rep told us that once a user registers for an account, s/he can just go to and login. But the answer really is "No, nyet, no way, nein, and no again" -Registering for an account in CK is required in order to use 	certain functions & features, including presentations and downloading book chapters. But CK doesn't recognize you if you try to login from a different IP 	(home for example)

	As far as I have experienced, either with a proxy server, VPN remote, or within the ip range.  The logon requires an institutional email account

	one of my docs is supposed to let me know, haven't heard from her, but if it's like MD Consult, once you register you do not have to be in IP range.

	Still has to be in IP range - at least that's how it works for us.

	That was what I was lead to believe, but when I tried it, I couldn't get in from home.  Let me know if you hear from someone.  I haven't had time to call 	tech support about it.

	In case you have not had an answer yet, a user does not have to be in the IP range if he/she has registered for remote access.  If a user just registers on 	the page, he/she does need to be within IP range.  We received a list of registration codes/passwords from ClinicalKey so that we can provide remote 	access to users.

*HOWEVER*, at 9:30 this AM I received the following from my rep: 
"Once a user has created an account though the IP's at your facility, they will have the ability to login anywhere on any device."

I suppose I need to create my own account and try to access to test this.

Thank you everyone!

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Does anyone know off-hand if once a user registers for an account, can he just go to and login or does he still have to be within your IP range?


Jo-Anne Aspri, MLS | LIBRARY | Kent Hospital | 455 Toll Gate Road | Warwick, RI 02886  | 401.737.7010 x31309 | jaspri AT A member of the Care New England Health System


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