Thanks everyone looks like there is enough interest for me to pursue this.
I will see what I can negotiate with VoiceThread.   Remember there are pros
and cons to this... but with more products being single sign on, more
schools are finding this feature beneficial.

I do want to offer this one CLARIFICATION

Google Integration with VoiceThread is Single Sign on only at this time.
They do not integrate Google Docs, etc.  Although I do believe that the
typical media that VoiceThread imports (images and videos)  stored in your
Drive  from a Chromebook work just fine.  So my guess is that to import a
Google Slide deck you'd have to download it as a PDF or PPT first them
upload it to VoiceThread.

I did a quick analysis of our use of VoiceThread in Vermont schools last
year and found that our students have been busy.

Voicethread Created3043Comments made12571Media Artifacts imported11016Minutes

And some of you have emailed me recently to learn how VoiceThread can be
used.  Check out these great examples on the VoiceThread blog - they also
have free webinars.  I've attended a few recently and picked up some new

Hope this is helpful.  I will keep you all posted of the progress I make
with VoiceThread Google Apps.


On Sun, Nov 16, 2014 at 4:47 AM, Lucie deLaBruere <[log in to unmask]>

> Hi everyone
> This is just a poll to see if anyone is interested in having Vita-Learn
>  pursue adding this feature to our current consortium purchase of
> VoiceThread.
> Vita-learn is currently  renewing its VoiceThread contract which allows us
> to obtain  consortium pricing of VoiceThread for Vermont Schools at a huge
> savings.
> For those of you who are didn't know.. Vita-Learn has been able to help
> Vermont Schools get school wide Voicethread licenses for up to 70% off the
> price published on the Voicethread K12 site.
> Some schools have asked about VoiceThread Google Integration
> This is just a  poll to see whether we should pursue this. Please reply to
> this email or to me off line if you would like to see us pursue consortium
> pricing of Google Apps Integration
> We have the option to purchase Google Integration for VoiceThread accounts
> at consortium pricing.  We're not sure if there is interest in our pursuing
> this.
> It means that your whole Google domain would have access to VoiceThread
> through their Google Accounts.
> Pro -  automatic setup of new users.  Less work for IT. Less username
> passwords for students to remember.
> Con - you can't have some users use the Google Apps and others NOT using
> Google Apps (including your young learners).   Would required a district /
> domain wide Google Account.
> Yes there is a cost above and beyond your heavily discounted VoiceThread
> account.  But depending on the number of schools interested we could be
> eligible for discounted pricing  for this too. The more schools the bigger
> discount we can get.
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Nothing is really work unless you would rather be doing something else.
  - James M. Barrie