Hi List,

I've had a lot of great recommendations from the list in the past, so I'm
looking for a good one again today.

Story Buddy 2 is an iPad app we use for digital story telling by making
books.  It allows the kids to type text on a 'page' then draw on the
'page'.  Then we can add pages and print them as pdf's.  Pretty simple
functionality, but it used to be rock solid and now it's buggy and not

Do you have a recomendation for a replacement?  We're looking for in a book
making app

   - ease of use
   - ability to add typed text
   - draw or use pictures
   - save as a PDF

Thanks for any recomendations!


Russell Gregory
Technology Integration Specialist
Swanton Elementary School <>
24 Fourth Street
Swanton, VT 05488
(802) 868-5346 x235