Greetings everyone..

Many of you are aware of Project IGNITE as a Vita-Learn Project that
recognizes a new cadre of innovative and transformative educators each
year.  But the vision has expanded and I am honored that Vita-Learn has
asked me to lead the new vision of Project IGNITE.   Here are a few
highlights  and one important deadline

Nominate an Innovative and Transformative Educator by December 1 to be part
of the 2015 Project IGNITE cadre

I've attached a flyer you might want to print out and put in strategic
places in your school or send digitally.   You can also find information
about the criteria selection process and the nomination form on the
Vita-Learn website Project IGNITE link and also at

Innovative and Transformative Tools Consortium - VoiceThread

I'll send out a separate email about this, but consortium pricing on tools
that promote innovation and transformation continue to be part of the
expanded vision.  Look for VoiceThread  renewal notices,  free Voicethread
training, Google Apps Integration possibility,  and more in in upcoming


We are giving out 6 mini grants for  professional development to educators
who might be interested in being part of a project that moves educators
from Zero to Maker
I've attached a flyer, but you can also find more information  on the

Trying to keep this short,  so I'll follow up with more details.. but
meanwhile,  get those PROJECT IGNITE nominations out there.

And don't forget to follow the PROJECT IGNITE page on Google+ to stay
current about everything related to  Project IGNITES vision of fueling
Innovation and Transformation amongst our Vermont educators.

Lucie deLaBruere
Vita Learn IGNITE Coordinator

Lucie deLaBruere

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