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It's Digital Wish's annual donation alert.  See below.
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Hi Digital Wish Members,

We have technology donations for your classrooms and schools. You only cover our delivery costs.

Curriculum and library software with unlimited site license donations  - We have 14 bundles of CD-ROM based software for your media center. The retail value ranges $1,000-$3,000 for each bundle.  Categories include Math, Science, Art, History, Literacy and special needs.  The titles come with unlimited site licenses for your school and are for use with older PC operating systems (up to Win7, 32 bit - and non-Maverick Macs). You get one CD to load on your server, then you can dish the programs out to every computer in your school!  Take your pick here

Brocade wireless equipment donations for schools with over 50% Free and Reduced Lunch programs -  Brocade, an industry leader in networking solutions will provide up to 10 Brocade Mobility wireless LAN controllers and access points to qualified schools per year.  For a small administrative fee, get a wireless controller and a choice of access point devices to build your secure wireless network. Other equipment and licensing may be required for your system.  We can give advice and connect you with Brocade representative to find out if this donation will work for you.

See them here.

Quicken software donations - Spark your school’s financial literacy program. We can provide donated Quicken software to help.  Students learn hands on about budgets, paying bills, balancing their checkbooks, and planning for long-term goals such as college or starting a business. Equip your students. You can get 10 packs of CDs for just $30 delivery.  Get them here.

Seagate internal hard drive donations - 5 packs - Upgrade your tower lab! We have 2.5” (73 GB) and 3.5” (300 GB) high quality Seagate internal hard drives to enhance the storage capacity of your engineering workstations and servers. Seagate hard drives boast low power consumption, high data recording reliability and fast read times. Donations are in bundles of 5 drives each for a delivery fee of $25-$30. Let your tech department know about this because they could get another couple years out of the older systems.  Get them here.

Mobile Beacon 4G wireless internet devices donations and offers low cost $10/month 4G service to schools - This is our most popular donation program. Educators get unlimited, high-speed 4G mobile broadband service and a choice of user-friendly 4G modems. For just $10/month, you can expand your internet access at school and when on field trips, at sporting events or while working away from school. This program is a great solution for providing equity to students who don’t have internet access at home.

  1. First, check for coverage.

  2. Next, we’ll email you a code. Then you link to Mobile Beacon to activate your subscription.

  3. Pick your donated device. You can select from a personal USB modem, a wireless hotspot for up to 8 users, or a 4G Wi-Fi router that will connect up to 10 devices on just one subscription. Digital Wish charges a small administrative fee at checkout.

You can use these 4G devices to connect laptops, smartphones and tablets to the Internet from any location within the 4G coverage area. Hotspot devices can connect 8 to 10 people to the internet on only one plan!  Schools nationwide can get up to 10 devices per site. Each device requires the school to activate a $10/month subscription to Mobile Beacon's 4G mobile broadband service for education. Check out this great opportunity here.

HP Life No Cost Business Courses for Students  - Anyone can register here:   http://www.life-global.org/go/digitalwish  There are 24 free online courses covering every area of business and entrepreneurship.  Get your students to register!

Call or email us if you have questions about these donations for your classrooms and schools.

Jennifer Miller

Digital Wish

PO Box 1072, Manchester Center, VT 05255

3336 Sunderland Hill Road, Sunderland, VT 05250

P: 866-344-7758


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