Hi all:


I wanted to both alert and solicit you all to something planned here at AOE for the Hour of Code week.


I am engaged in developing some Hangouts, webinars, LNV sessions that focus on companies, individuals and entities that have information, tools, words of wisdom, etc. with students on careers, paths people took, etc. etc.  This naturally is being related to programming and creating opportunities for entrepreneurship around coding and STEM related activities.


So far, I have about a half dozen of these planned but was wondering if any of you directly from schools would like to present out to the wider audience in VT during that week.  AOE wants to highlight people that have done good things with programming and things related.  Stories about how programming has led to career success or innovative ideas, along those lines.   I am thinking the following would make good topics...


---Maker Space ideas—especially if coding is an aspect of some of your ideas.

---Community connections—perhaps your students work with a local company interning around programming or creating and those students and maybe someone from the company could talk about what they are doing, how it fits the school mission, how it fosters student interest, etc. etc.  Maybe to make it more engaging, they even have some tools or programs to showcase that they have created.

---Bring in someone from your community that you think is interesting and create a situation where you might have a live audience and we LNV the rest of it out to a wider state audience

---showcase a student success in this realm

---Create an actual professional development experience targeted to either teachers OR students.   Teacher one would be better shown in late afternoon.  Show us how to do something.


Anyways.. I am working on a schedule for the week.  I am also going out with my colleague Sigrid Olson and trying to capture some of the good work schools are doing related to Hour of Code.   Let me know if you have an event planned that we could visit. We’d like to coordinate press, tweets, and outreach on any we see.    I’ll be in Swanton/Franklin county area Monday, and other TBD locations Thurs. and Fri.  Let me know if one of the locations can be yours. 


To sign up your school on the national site, visit here








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