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This is a message intended especially for High schools, Middle schools, upper elementaries and certainly CTE centers, working with GIS or any kind of mapping programs.   The folks at ESRI are internationally known for providing industry standard GIS software, mapping data bases and all things Geographic.  


The ConnectED initiative out of the White House has them as one of the partners and through that work, they have free online ArcGIS accounts for schools.   It is available to EVERY K-12 School in the country.  To check out the offerings, go here and see all the resources you can  obtain with this. 


ArcGIS Online. Keep pointing people to our ConnectED offer, http://connected.esri.com and http://esri.box.com/connectedpdf.


They also provide a wealth of services for supporting the use of it.  Check them out, and let me know if your school is engaged in some of this work. 






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