Hi folks,

To follow up on my earlier report, I spotted a WHITE-EYED VIREO at the
Intervale at about 9:20 this morning right near the Tommy Thompson
community garden. As you are driving into the Intervale, you'll eventually
see a brown sign on the left for the community garden, and if you drive a
little further there is a parking area on the right. Across the road from
the parking area there is a large spruce tree, and it was initially spotted
to the right of the spruce in a large Hackberry.

The bird was seen on-and-off through noon, very actively foraging near a
group of tree sparrows and chickadees. It was seen foraging on both sides
of the road and up to 50 m away from the road, but remaining pretty
faithful to the community gardens area, which it revisited several times. I
was joined by Ted Murin and a few others, who also observed the bird.  Good
luck for anyone who tries for it!

Photo posted on flickr, ebird checklist will be entered soon:

Good Birding,

Larry Clarfeld
Environmental Educator
Youth Birding Coordinator

North Branch Nature Center
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