Team Pipit enjoyed multiple close views this morning (10:05-10:45) of the
White-eyed Vireo at the Intervale. It was working the raspberry patch
across the road from the little row of cedars and the community garden
previously given as guides for finding the bird. Also present were numerous
sparrows (juncos, Tree Sparrows and White-throated Sparrows) as well as
about 7 or 8 chickadees. All of our views of the bird were at about a foot
or two above the ground. He was basically feeding on his own, paying no
attention to the sparrows and chickadees also in the area.

Those who have already seen this bird as well as those still hoping to see
it might consider the following:

1)  I have been birding in Vermont for forty odd years and this fellow is
species number 315 for Team Pipit in this state. This bird is a rarity and
a treat.

2)  This individual is sporting bright fresh fall plumage, an absolute joy
to behold.

3)  Chances are decent that he will hang around for a while. I once saw one
of these guys on a CBC I used to do back when we lived in Rhode Island.

4)  It is difficult to imagine this species surviving a Vermont winter. I
guess we should all hope he tries to find his way south sooner rather than