Ian Worley's post of the Tundra Swans arrived on my computer  around 12:30
today, Friday, and I told John knowing that this was a species he had yet to
add to his life list.  His response was "I have to go see these birds."  I
asked why the urgency and he said "Right now I have 599 species on my ABA
life list."


We drove through spitting snow and at 1:10 we arrived at the boat access on
Turkey Lane.  Sure enough two pure white Tundra Swans were swimming off the
point just to our north.  They slowly swam out to a shallow reef of rocks
and began feeding and preening.   We could not see a bright yellow spot but
we clearly saw the short concave bill and round head and fat cheeks.  Their
faces were smudged with a rusty yellow color, probably from where they had
been feeding.   Just as we were turning to leave, the clouds opened just
enough to send a shaft of bright sunlight to spotlight these two brilliant
white birds out on the gray water.  Number 600 could not have been more


Thank you for everyone who posts their birding finds, and thank you Ian.  We
never know which of our birds will be special for someone else out there. 


Barbara Brosnan