Hello all,

Firstly, Happy Thanksgiving to you & your families!!

Secondly, if anyone is wondering how the White-eyed Vireo fared after yesterday's snow storm,
I can tell you with certainty that it is doing very well indeed. I got there around 7:45 a.m. A few 
minutes later, Isis Erb showed up and we birded together until 10:10 a.m. We first saw the Vireo 
at 7:55 for about a minute. We then saw it for the second time at 8:55 for about a minute. We were 
in the rows of berries watching it work its' way west and across the road that we drove in on. Isis 
thought she saw it in one of the cedars so we headed over there. We relocated it in a cedar tree
next to and north of the Tommy Thompson Community Garden sign. We didn't realize it then but our 
"gift" was being able to watch & observe the Vireo for over an hour. It worked its' way along the west 
side of the road until it reached the Goldenrod patch just north of the large Spruce Tree. The reason we
didn't lose track of the bird was because of the snow. It spent a lot of time in the undergrowth and even
though we couldn't see it down there (at times) we could see the snow falling from a stem that it would
fly to or hop on. We could then focus on that area and the Vireo would come back into view. It actually 
flew toward us several times and was within 6' of us, anywhere from ground level to 15' off the ground.
Several times when it was that close we also observed it at eye level. It kept tipping its' head (side to side)
looking for insects? or worms? We definitely saw it eating small grapes and a few times I thought it was
feeding on some type of insect or worm. 
Anyway, it was very active and seemingly unaffected by the snow. The other thing that became blatantly 
obvious was that it was also unaffected by our being there. Seeing a White-eyed Vireo in VT but especially
this late in the year is awesome, but to see it with all of this snow- is absolutely incredible. This bird is already
quite spectacular to see but its' beauty and colors really show with an all white background.
I know that many of you will be with your families today but if you get any time later or maybe tomorrow, you
might want to try and see this rare treat again (or for the first time).

Good luck if you go,

Enjoy Birds,

Jim Mead