Saturday Stowe had  a soft opening day
<> for season pass holders.   The
drive in would have been unremarkable except Waterbury has their new round
about open.  Plus 89N exit 10  now has a traffic light

Stowe opened at 9 instead of the normal weekend opening at 7AM.   We got in
the parking lot at 9AM.   The parking lot attendants were out there in
force arranging cars.   Despite my wife's objections,  I drove past them to
see if there were any spots closer to the base lodge.  Turns out there were
a bunch.

We got in line around 9:45.  There was a line, but it had minimal wait.  It
was a very social scene.  Saw many people that I haven't seen since April.
  They had free cider and cider donuts at the lift line entrance.

Only the Quad was open.   From the top you could take Lord or Ridgeview.
Center line was also open.  From there everything funneled into North
Slope.  On upper Ridgeview there was small park set up with boxes to
grind.  I had no interest in checking them out.

The cover was excellent.   There was a firm base covered with a mixture of
man made and natural snow.  As the morning progressed,  the snow got pushed
around to make lanes.  Center line quickly bumped up.  North slop had 3
lanes, with the center lane bumping up.   The lanes were made by people
skiing next to each other.  Between the lanes were berms of pushed around

They skies were sunny.  We were pleasantly surprised that we did not have
to ski under or ride over any snowguns.It was early season skiing,  too
many people on the same trails.  At times it reminded me of driving on a
freeway.  I am not a fan of skiing with that many people around me.  You
had to watch out for weak snowboarders slowly drifting to their blind
side.  Young men/boys with limited skills looking for air...

Being the first day, I did not remember to turn on my phone app on the
first run.  On the second run I had it on, but forgot to start the
recorder.   I ended up doing 6 runs.

[image: Inline image 2]

[image: Inline image 3]

[image: Inline image 4]

I used an old pair of slalom skis with a decent edge, which turned out to
be a good choice.  On the scraped off bits you wanted an edge, however I
spent most of time skidding.  Passing was difficult and often required
switching lanes.

On the way home we hit one of favorites: Jimmmz Pizza.

I was surprised how tired I was afterwards.  Hoping they have more trails
open next weekend.


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