Tis the season to be merry and open up your pockets to charity! I  
created an online fundraising page for our project on EWB-USA, It's  
all personalized with pictures and our goals. Donations are  
streamlined through EWB-USA and all the funds go directly to us for  
use in the construction of the system. This will not be used for  
funding travel, but for funding the needs of the project.

Please send this link to all your family, friends, enemies, everyone,  
and consider asking for donations for our project instead of those new  
skis/boots we all really want.


You can also get to it be going to www.ewbusa.org and searching  
Vermont in the fundraising section. Let me know if you have any  
questions! There is also one for the Vermont Professional Chapter so  
make sure you're on the right one.

Your Co-Pres,