I am retiring from the United States Environmental Protection Agency in
January, and have obtained permission to donate the following equipment to
a to a U.S. university or non-profit.

It is free except for payment of moving expenses.

*Isotope ratio mass spectrometer with continuous flow capability
(13-carbon, 18-oxygen, 15-nitrogen analyzer)*

Description:  A custom-modified (by Provac. Ltd.) VG Isogas isotope ratio
mass spectrometer linked to the exit port of a Carlo Erba elemental
analyzer.   An autosampler feeds organic samples into a pyrolysis column of
an elemental analyzer which processes them into an effluent of carbon
dioxide or nitrogen gas which is then fed continuously into a mass
spectrometer.   Ratios among the different stable isotopes of the gas are
printed as output.   The equipment was purchased in 1987 and has been
simplified and dedicated to analysis of oxygen-18 since that time.  It has
been in intermittent but continuous operation since that time.  It employs
a DOS computer for control and dot-matrix printing.

Please contact me directly for details.

Gary E. Hatch, Ph.D.
North Carolina
919-541-2658 (work)