Merry band of EdTecher-typs, here's wishing you a good week as we push to
the holidays. May you have good luck with that delicate balance of coffee
and water against the nefarious force known simple as S.A.D.

Here's our Marlboro courses that start Jan. 9th!

   - *Making in Education.* Intro and advanced. Fully online with in-person
   making. Instructor: Bryant Patten. UVM rate.
   - *Online Collaborative Tools. Teaching the Google Generation*. Fully
   online. Instructor: Lucie deLaBruere. UVM rate.
   - *Facilitating Online Learning*. Blended, once a month. Instructor:
   Lindsey Rothschild.
   - *Instructional Design*. Blended, once a month. Instructor: Rick Oller

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*Caleb Clark*
Faculty Chair, Teaching with Technology MAT
Marlboro College Graduate and Professional Studies.
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