I've been reading this thread with great interest and offer my compliments
to all the participants for what has generally been an open-minded dialog.
All to often these kind of discussions become battles between entrenched

Much of the dialog so far has fallen around the limitations posed by a
Chromebook vs a Win/Mac laptop. The question that I ask is this: Which
will benefit your students the most, having access to the very best tool
or learning to do the most with the tool you can afford? 

I'll go as far as to say that a student who uses an advanced video editing
tool like Adobe's Premier is no more, and maybe even less likely to be
truly creative in the development of the actual video content than one
using  iMovie, Moviemaker or VirtualDub. Sure, they may produce a slicker
looking movie, but I'd venture to guess they'll get caught up in the
frills to the detriment of the subject matter. I might be impressed when
kids make cool looking movies, but regardless of the cinematic quality I'm
blown away when the topic and content of the movie is truly

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