Hi Mark!

You’re probably talking about Tyler McNaney. When he was a student at VTC, he created a machine to reuse plastic to create filament (ABS and PLA) for 3d printers. Filabot sells the filament and the machines.



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I met a gentleman from a supplier named Filabot at a Linux User Group Meeting. Although I don't remember his name, I do recall that it seemed that they had most everything, including some interesting styles of printers that you don't see as often. In case it helps, here's a link to their site:


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I have had good luck just ordering from random suppliers on Amazon. The sainsmart brand seems to be good for us. Out of the 12 or so rolls of all different colors/types, I have only had one roll that seemed to have issues and didn't print well. 


I use PLA as much as possible because it is food safe and no harmful fumes. 


Hope this helps. 



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Hi all,

I have a Printrbot Simple Metal printer, and I've just about used up the starter pack of filament that came with it (I've been meaning to print more, I swear!).  I'm in the market to reload, but I'm having trouble finding affordable Printrbot PLA filament.

Does anyone have experience with any other generic brands?  I've seen a number of cheaper ones on Amazon.  Additionally, I know specific colors cause problems, so if you have any successes/warnings to share, I'd appreciate that.

Finally, has anyone tried to put ABS through their Printrbot yet?  Just curious.


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