Any progress on this?  We continue to have some iPads which can access the portal and practice tests with no problem, but others see error messages which say "access denied [11673] You cannot log in with browser ...."  All iPads are identical.  We even tried with some phones, some using WiFi and some purely cellular data, and randomly fins some can get it while others are denied.  No rhyme or reason we can see after some pretty extensive trouble shooting.  Chrome or Safari, different WiFi nodes, nothing seems to make a difference.



On Thu, Dec 18, 2014 at 1:28 PM, Drescher, Peter <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Couple of things to share out...


I am getting a lot of emails about the practice test, accessing it, using it, browsers not working etc. etc. 


All I can tell you at this point.. and I know it is not necessarily what you want to hear....


Everything is on hold for a little bit longer as the SBAC group goes through the contracting process with the vendor.   Don’t expect anything to get updated until that occurs.   If you want some information about current SBAC news.. use this page on our website:


If you want a recently posted Calendar of upcoming events, refer to this link here:


Essentially, I can tell you that there are things going on behind the scenes in anticipation of the release of signed contracts.   So, we will likely see a slew of activity occur all at once as soon as that happens.  Expect secure browser updates at that time, a new practice test site, and other updated information. 


So, hang tight, should not be long.


Two other good resources on all things SBAC:

Frank Gerdeman at AOE   [log in to unmask]

Michael Hock at AOE  [log in to unmask]

They usually have info before I do, but I am glad to continue to be a resource. 


Happy holidays!  Get some rest, your students thank you! 






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