Our own Bryant Patten, this year's Frank Watson Outstanding Technology Educator Award winner, is teaching an online Making in Education class at Marlboro's EdTech program. 

UVM rate, 3 grad credits. Starts Jan 9.

Bryant and I have designed this class based on what we learned when I taught it last year. Folks on this list such as Lucie, Bryant, Eric Hall, Will B. and a few others were students. Really though, we all became teachers and students. We learned that we could learn making online by meeting local makers, and using Moodle for video documentation of projects and to stimulate reflection and a rich support network. 

This year Bryant and I are adding a project based design that allows for both beginner and advanced folks to be in the same class. 

Ask Bryant any questions at: [log in to unmask]

Course info: https://www.marlboro.edu/academics/graduate/mat/course/edu617

Caleb Clark
Faculty Chair, Teaching with Technology MAT
Marlboro College Graduate and Professional Studies.


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