Hello Vermont Birders:

I spent an hour yesterday afternoon watching the Prairie Falcon on Otter
Creek Road in Addison. It stayed in the same general vicinity on the west
side of the road (just south of the house on the left with 14 cats on the
front porch - no joke).  The lighting was poor and the distances were far
but on more than one occasion I thought I glimpsed something just above the
bird's right foot. It did not look like a band or the remains of a jess. My
intention is not to stir the provenance pot. The left leg was "clean." It
may have been scar tissue from a ground squirrel bite in Idaho last summer.
I don't know. I just wanted to alert others in case other birders get a
better look at this magnificent bird than me.

At about 4:10 p.m. the falcon took off to the west and kept flying until I
could not see it anymore -- undoubtedly it was headed to a roost.

I dashed over to the end of Gage Road with the last of the daylight and
managed a photo in the fading light of one Short-eared Owl (SEOW) perched
on a fencepost. There may have been a second owl as well.

Here is a pic of the SEOW:

If you click on the arrow to the right, you can see a really lousy distant
photo of the Prairie Falcon.

Given how many Horned Larks I flushed off the roadways in Addison yesterday
afternoon, I wouldn't be surprised if this Prairie Falcon sticks around.

Good birding,
Eric Hynes
Burlington, VT
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