Hello All,

I am passing this on for Michele Patenaude (who will post when she has
access to the Internet). A Harlequin Duck was first spotted Sunday as part
of a NY CBC that covered some of Grand Isle. It was in with a bunch of
Mallards at/near the Grand Isle Ferry Dock. A photo was taken, and said
duck was later pronounced to be a Harlequin Duck (female?) by Josh Lincoln.

Michele saw it today, however she was not allowed any access to the Ferry
Dock (by foot, car, etc.). The fellow manning the booth this morning said
that no one was allowed on  the dock unless they not only bought a ticket
but also rode the Ferry [he claimed liability reasons]. He was intractable,
however as we know, it is very important that we respect their rules (even
if they may alter depending upon the person manning the booth).

As Michele was leaving the dock (heading North on 314) she noticed a group
of Mallards roughly a few city blocks from the blinking yellow light for
the Ferry. The ducks, including the Harlequin, were in the water on the
left, across from a large white house on the right. At that time a scope
was not required to see the Harlequin, but as they were watching them the
group did begin to head farther out to open water, so if you have a scope
it is advised that you bring it should you head out looking for this bird.

More from Michele later, but she asked that I get this out ASAP for all of
us that might be interested in going to try for this lovely bird.

Happy Birding & Safe Viewing,
Isis Erb (passing along Michele Patenaude's information)