And aren't birds the templates for angels?! Happy Solstice for tomorrow, to this informative, lively list!Veer

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Veer - 'tis the season for halos for some folks.
Bob Yunick
Schenectady, NY
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I've learned about leucistic markings on this list and yesterday had my first 
example, and it was eerie to find one among many fluttering goldfinches at the 
feeder with a round white crown, like a halo. 

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The white-throated sparrow with the white crown is still at my feeder, 
mostly at dawn and dusk,. Happy to give directions off the list serve 
to anyone interested in seeing him, now that the tree that fell on my 
house in the storm is out of the way! 
Liz Lee 

Veer Frost, Passumpsic (NEK)