Shirley, could you please tell me what is the best way to get to the
causeway.  Thx.  Marianne

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Hi Isis:
I didn't see any sign of the Snowy Owl at Sandbar Causeway between 9:30 a.m.
and 10:00 a.m. this morning.
Shirley Z
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Good Morning VTBirders -

Yesterday I was at Sarah Rosedahl's (68 Farm House Rd., North Hero) from
about 10:40 - 12:30 and the Yellow-headed Blackbird showed up for lunch,
between 12:00-12:30 (give or take a couple of minutes). Sarah spotted it in
the hedges on the east side of her house, but soon after it came right to
the feeders, lingering enough to get a good lunch. Interestingly it was not
with the Cowbirds this time (and I believe that was not the first
appearance it has made sans Cowbirds). So still keep an eye out for
it, even if you don't have the Cowbirds to signal its arrival.

Larry - any sign of the Snowy Owl as you crossed the Sandbar causeway this

Happy Birding,
Isis Erb

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> Hi VTBirders,
> The Yellow-headed Blackbird put in a brief appearance this morning a
> after 8 a.m. before flying across the road to the west. I stayed another
> half-hour, but it didn't return to the feeders in the time I was there.
> Good birding,
> Larry
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