Several have asked for directions. I will be gone all day, off to an art fair all day.

68 Farm House Lane, North Hero
One mile N of drawbridge on east side of route 2
Our house is a reddish-brown cedar shake with green roof in the middle of a field
with large willow and other trees. Look for the large flock of birders ;-)

Watch for the bird in the forsythia hedge to the left of the house, at the feeders on
the ground to the right of the house, especially the middle feeder. Also in the lilac
tree next to the house, on the porch or in the crab apple tree by driveway.

It has been here every day since Monday, all times of day but most commonly

I have warned the neighbors so they don't think we're under surveillance ;-)

Good luck. If someone could let me know the time of sightings, that would be great.
I'm trying to keep track. Thanks.