Hello All,

I was able to talk with one hospital librarian and one academic librarian who gave me the scoop on how they manage SERHOLD ejournal holdings.  I'll share with you their advice below.

--Add electronic journal packages as you subscribe

--No SERHOLD update/inventory is done unless it becomes necessary.  I was thinking that a yearly SERHOLD inventory is necessary and wondered how would we ever keep thousands of ejournal holdings updated.  Turns out that the two librarians I talked to say they don't do inventories and that mistakes in their SERHOLD holdings are only corrected if an erroneous DOCLINE request is received.  Fill rates have not suffered much.

Bottom Line: Accept that fill rate will not be perfect, don't worry about checking holdings every year, it's more important to spend the time you have to get the ejournal holdings inputted into SERHOLD.

So, this is what we are going to do.  

I would love to hear if anyone else has anything to say:)


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Subject: How do you keep electronic records in SERHOLD updated?

Hello all,

I am interested to know how you all keep up with the maintenance of your electronic SERHOLD records.

We are currently working on inputting more of our electronic journal holdings into SERHOLD.  I am trying to decide how many is feasible.  We have ~16,000 electronic holdings and 1 person to maintain the SERHOLD records.  The average library inputs about 32% of their electronic holdings into SERHOLD.  For us, 32% is over 5,000 SERHOLD holdings. Is this even possible?  If so, how do you do it?

Any advice would be appreciated!


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