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Hello all,

Has anyone been involved in research to support the design and features of new or renovated clinic building?

My organization, a pediatric rehabilitation centre, is undergoing a redevelopment and has the opportunity to explore new technologies and features for their developmental assessment rooms. I've been asked to find information on 'the optimal environment for pediatric developmental assessments'. These rooms are different than the typical exam room in that the tests administered are often on the ground (for infants, toddlers) or at height-adjustable tables, with specific equipment. The room is used by many different health care providers (psychologists, SLPs, pediatricians) who each have their own needs. There is usually an observation two-way mirror, which my managers need to replace with different technology, such as webcams, due to space constraints. They also want to know if there is evidence around the aesthetic features of the room - such as art, or wall-colour, or windows.

I've done a lot of searching so far (both databases and the web) and have unearthed information related to regular exam rooms, design of patient rooms, and best practices in the configuration of emergency rooms and waiting rooms - but nothing on pediatric assessment rooms. I would be really grateful if anyone has any ideas around how to search for optimal developmental assessment environment or new 'assessment observation' technology in health care.

Thank you in advance for any insights you can provide!


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