Like the Professor of Plaid, we were knocked out of commission for 6 days.  Five towns got creamed.  Starksb'ro to Underhill.  Unpassable roads.  No power.  Wednesday of the storm, I drove down the hill, and several trees/branches on lines were in flames.  On the way to MRG, I stopped 3 times to help clear trees on the main road.  It was surreal.  !K worth of beef in the freezer.  Finally picked up a generator on the 4th day, thank Jah.

Fruit trees hit hard -- pear, crabapple -- beech and elm down -- I have a lot of firewood for the sauna next year.  Maybe keep the pear for smoking meat.  FK N A.  For us, it surpassed pretty much every storm we've weathered in 20 years here, 15 in the boonies.  It was only two feet.  But a heavy-ssa two feet.  

Still, we skied.  Of course.  The MRV is fine, styling in fact w some stellar coverage for the first half of Dec.  A fun opening weekend on my favorite hill.  The kids were stoked to fly again... unfortunately that ended in the ER with a sprained knee for 9 yo Sylvia charging Gazelle (for the second time) a bit too hard.

Yesterday I ventured into one of my favorite light BC spots, to check it out, and much to my dismay but not surprise, it was completely trashed.  The rain was actually a godsend, and sheit was dropping all over.  Trees were releasing after days of winding up and snapping.  Plenty of widow makers hanging up there.  Every 5 minutes or so, one would let go.  Granted it was dusk, but after 30 min., I couldn't distinguish trail from woods.  I imagine that everything in the Camels Hump area is Kcufed big time.  A saw will be standard in my pack in the BC from here out.

Nordic enthusiasts may know of our neighborhood XC trails, the Camels Hump Ski Area, located off Bert White Rd.  My neighbor Nils spent 6 hours cutting/grooming, but mostly cutting only a couple of K of trail  It will be a long time before it's 100% back.  Not as wide spread, but we are on par with the ice storm of '99.

One helluva storm fer sure.

As you was,

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