I'm no longer a huge fan of the Big K, but this weekend was simply stellar.

We used our Warren Miller 2 for 1. Hard to believe that Killington is already $94! At least we paid only half, and we certainly got our money's worth and all the trails and glades we could possible choose from.

The locals all went over to Pico that was opening for the first time, which meant there was no one in the woods...or at least hardly anyone, and we got in a lot of turns in fresh snow, which I didn't even expect and left my powder skis at home. Pam and I "suffered" it out on our hard snow skis and we managed to have a blast.

Unfortunately, my phone was not allowing me to take pix (because it was full) on Saturday so I didn't get any good shots of us skiing fresh snow, but we were first into Bear Den and it was simply gorgeous, especially with the sun shining through and the light refracting through the snowflakes. It is a really nice long run and had some gnarly sections through a boulder garden. Devil's Fiddle and Outer Limits were open and soft, but cruddy. The woods were much better.

We also found fresh snow in Julio and The Light. Everything was open. Patsy's was well-skied but there were plenty of fresh scraps to be found. Another surprise was "Nowhere" or "Somewhere" not really sure which one we were in, but there were plenty of soft scraps in there too.

I ended Saturday will a run on Conclusion, and while it was thin it places I totally killed it on Saturday. I tried for an encore on Sunday, but it was quite beat down by then and the rocks made it pretty tricky.

By Sunday most of the glades were also beaten down, but I was able to take a few pix. The morning views were spectacular. We rode the Snowden quad for a bunch of runs and hit all those glades around Northstar and Vagabond. Reminded me of Jay Peak in there.

It was not all that crowded. Everyone was spread out over the entire ski area and hardly anyone was in the woods. We only encountered a few lift lines at Bear Mtn on Saturday and short waits at the K1. Sunday was not busy at all, no waits anywhere.

I tried to attach photos, but it bounced back to me. Is there a limit? Or do I need to do it a certain way?
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