Hi all,

We are preparing to do some remodeling in the lower level of our vault in
the town clerk’s office and have two roller shelving units to give away.
Both are 71 inches tall.  One has three columns of shelving and will hold 48
books.  The unit is 61 ˝ inches wide.


The second unit has two columns of shelves and will hold 30 books.  This
unit is 40 inches wide.


They are downstairs in the vault.  They are free to anyone who can come get
them.  They are not heavy, just awkward.  Both are in excellent shape, like


If you are interested, let me know.  





Annette L. Cappy

Brattleboro Town Clerk

230 Main Street, Suite 108

Brattleboro. VT  05301


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ph 802-251-8129

fax 802-257-2312