Hi Folks:

Here we go again!!

VITA-Learn and VSLA need your assistance.  Please consider...

- Sending in a proposal or two for the spring conference

- Passing this information along to all educators in your school/district
and encourage them to submit a proposal.  You might be surprised how many
people still are not aware of the conference

- Making direct contact with one of two individuals who you feel should be
presenting and personally ask them to submit a proposal... and offer your

- Sending me leads.  If you think I can help by personally contacting
people, send me their name and email address.

PLEASE go to the Request for Proposals site ( to get
more information.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

We NEED and greatly APPRECIATE your continued support.  You may not be on
the Board of VITA-Learn or even attend Regional Meetings much... but this
is how you can support our work.

Finally, the deadline for proposals in February 21st.  I encourage you to
send proposals in early. It really helps. (me)