Trying to answer a number of questions that have posted on this list.  I would recommend a read of all material here, just to get some clarity.  Please pass this on to ANYONE who you feel it may have relevance.  



First.. let me share the information we have on some of the roles associated with test administration. Please note that the upcoming trainings (Jan 27-30 and listed further below) will offer a more comprehensive look at these roles and should provide enough information for SU/SD leadership to better determine staff responsibilities.


This is the tree:  those at the top have the MOST responsibility in the SBAC implementation.  It works down.


The District Test Administrator (DTA) —This is an administrative oversight role.  The DTAs are responsible for the overall administration of SBAC SU-wide and the primary point of contact with the AOE on all things SBAC, and will have the primary responsibility to ensure that all test administrators have been trained. This person has the highest level of access to the TIDE system, and it the only person whose password grants permission to edit student data . 


The District Test Coordinator(s) (DTC)—DTCs will assist the District Administrator and may be assisting, or leading, the  development and delivery of trainings to the schools within the district.  The District or Supervisory Union Tech Integrationist might also serve as a DTC, assisting the District Test Coordinator with maintenance of TIDE. This person has a lower level of access to TIDE, but will be responsible for making sure everyone gets the appropriate training. An SU or SSD can define roles for the DTCs based on local needs. There is no limit on the number of DTCs that are selected.


The School Coordinator (SC)—this person is your school lead.. making sure that the SU/SSD training plan is implemented as intended and that all teachers are fully ready to administer the test and view the data after.  This person might be doing logistics on actual assessment day, coordinating makeups for students, etc.


Teacher—Your grades 3-8 and 11 classroom teacher, who may be trained on how to administer the assessment and will have access to view and interpret results at the class/student level.


Test Administrator (TA)—Generally teachers will be trained to serve as TAs, but is could be someone working with your teachers—might be an aide, a tech integrationist, etc. this person can ONLY administer the test and will not be able to view results. Please note that TA’s must pass a brief Test Administrator Certification Test in order to open, monitor and close a testing



A listing of the folks that have been assigned as your District Test Administrator is being compiled and should be on the web shortly. (I’ll send the link later).  If you can’t find it and want to know who is currently in that role in your SU, call or email me.  Glad to share. 


One addition to this:  All Teachers, or those directly administering tests to students will be expected to take a 20 minute online class/module.  After completing the module, that teacher or individual will be “certified” to deliver the SBAC assessment.   More detail on this during the trainings next week. 




There are trainings in January on the following dates---NOTE who is asked to attend below. 


January 27 is in Montpelier at Capitol Plaza:  8:30-11:30AM

January 28 is in  Killington at Killington Grand hotel  1:00-4:00 PM

January 29 is at Mt. Snow Resort—Grand Summit Hotel in W. Dover—8:30-11:30AM

January 30 is in Colchester at the Hampton Inn:  8:30-11:30AM


The vendor, who has been chosen but cannot yet be named, will lead the trainings and AOE personnel will be in attendance. 


Who can come?

District Test Administrators are the lead invitee.   They are asked to bring ONE other individual.  ANYONE that comes to the training is expected to play a very visible and active role for the follow-up trainings at the district level.  Those individuals will be the LEAD on district level trainings.  The AOE will provide support, but will not be delivering district-level trainings.  At the January trainings, the vendor, not AOE, will be the lead trainers. AOE personnel will be aiding, facilitating and learning right along with all of you on how to support you as you move through the process this Spring.




Different topic, but related.


SBAC Digital Library: 

Is open and teachers can access with credentials that will be supplied by the SBAC Digital Library District Administrator. (NOT to be confused with your District Test Administrator, different system)  That SBAC Digital Library District Administrator will be passing along credentialing information to the school-based SBAC Digital Library School Coordinator, (again, NOT to be confused with the School Coordinator doing the assessment work, though in the end it might be the same individual).  That school-based person will give teachers their login information.  


As for what the SBAC Digital Library is?  The SBAC Digital Library is a resource for Common Core State Standards.  It is NOT a site concerning the implementation of the assessment.   Different tool, and it can be found at this link.  




Last thing... SBAC secure browsers.

I understand that the iPad Secure browser issue is causing anxiety and access to practice tests has been held up by this delay.  I received the following email message last week, the 15th of January:


We are pleased to announce the secure browsers for Windows, Mac and Linux have been uploaded to our public FTP site and can be downloaded here: .  


I then received a message over the weekend directly from the SBAC group and specific to the iOS issue, it included this line: 

The holdup centers on the “define” feature on iOS 7 and 8. In any browser, including the secure browser, users can highlight a word, tap “define” and get a definition. It’s a great usability feature until you’re assessing student’s English communication skills.”   He indicated that SBAC and Apple have been working to devise a solution for what has proven to be a challenging problem, and anticipate this week or next to resolve it.    


Browsers and Apps will also be available on VT’s SBAC Portal which we expect to go live soon. This will be a Vermont-specific portal. 


Please DO NOT communicate to your staff or schools that iPads are incompatible.  iPads are fully SBAC compatible!!  As soon as I see that the iOS update to deal with v. 8.x is out, I will post it to this list.   You can also continue to check the apps store for the new version.. would appreciate you posting it to School IT if you see it first.


More information coming soon.   Email or call with questions. I promise to tell you all I know.   


Other contacts on SBAC:

Michael Hock:  [log in to unmask]

Frank Gerdeman:  [log in to unmask] 

Linda Moreno:  [log in to unmask]



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