Hi Nicole,
At CVU, we offer a one-year course.  It starts with Javascript and Google Scripts (first quarter of the year), then moves into Java for the rest of the year. As for resources, we have a textbook, but it's not used regularly.  More for reference and examples.  Most of the materials are teacher-created.  We use the Eclipse IDE for Java development (although I'm considering switching back to BlueJ).  For JavaScript, we mostly use Notepad++.  I'd be happy to provide more info and share resources if you want to call or email me off-list.

Charlie MacFadyen
Technology Integration Specialist
Champlain Valley Union HS
Hinesburg, VT
(802) 482-7117

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I would talk to Jack Clay at RCPS.


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Hi Everyone,
I am trying to put together a new programming course to teach in the fall and would love your input.  What are other schools using to teach programming at the high school level?  What resources do you use, such as software, websites or books?
It is for high school students that have no programming experience and will run for one semester.  Thanks for your help.


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