Thanks to Sigrid.  Much appreciated.  May i add the following?

 1. /*It's not us against them; it is us against IT!*/ The struggle for
    the end of capitalism with the concomitant struggle for science to
    be for people is just that: a struggles against a form of social and
    economic organization and for popular recognition of the evil it
    engenders.  It may be convenient to focus one's attacks on the
    persons who are instruments of this system; but that will not lead
    to its destruction and will likely lead to attitudes of hate and
    repression among those who will build the new society and lessen the
    likelihood they will build a positive alternative.  Likewise the
    goods and services produced under the system are not
    one-dimensional.  A useful medication may be produced under
    "cost-cutting" circumstances that introduce dangerous contaminants. 
    A labor saving device or technique may be incorporated into the
    arsenal of the military used to maintain dominance of US imperialism.

 2. /*We are all part of the capitalist machine. */Today's capitalism is
    hegemonic in the broadest sense of the word in that it makes it
    impossible for those who live under it to survive without
    participating in it.  It was a teenager who pointed out to me years
    ago when i was a factory worker that when i punched in at the
    factory i was part of the grand machine of capitalism.  It behooves
    those of us who struggle for a society, in which the primary
    motivation is love for our species rather than the profit motive, to
    look at our own relation to the dominant system, not to feel guilt
    but to understand that the enemy is it.  For it is only when that
    consciousness is widespread and we all refuse to punch in that we
    humans can break the chains of the capitalist system and find forms
    of organization based on the preservation of our species and the
    planet which we occupy

 3. */Humans are not one-dimensional./*  Our species has the capacity to
    love and to hate, to destroy and create, to be self centered as
    individuals or to be species centered in our collectivity.  The
    manner in which those of us struggle for an end to the increasingly
    dysfunctional capitalist system will have considerable influence on
    the kind of post capitalist society that will be built by the
    generation that succeeds in that struggle.  Let us not imagine our
    struggle to be just for the defeat of capitalism; it must also be
    for the consciousness that will build a more human oriented society.