I had Monday off, and wow, was it great.  I donít have a pass this year, so I can go anywhere, and decided to head to my old stomping grounds.  Itís hard to believe that I was teaching there at Glen Ellen 39 years agoÖÖ

I wasnít sure how good it was going to be, got to the mountain a bit late.  It was Dumping!  Probably got about 4-6 inches of dense snow that skied great and covered most of the ice.  We skied just about everything and it was all great.  2 runs on diamond.  It just kept getting better.  Just a great ski day, no one was there, we just ripped it and kept going.  North was skiing great, so much variety, and with the fast lifts we covered a lot of ground.

Get out there!


Life is worth living.

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