When there is a bad food year for creatures of the wilderness they tend to start infiltrating into populated areas of civilization scrounging through back yards, dumpsters, garbage cans, etc.
I have been noticing more and more persons of familiar preference for back country skiing with long fat twin tips set up for telemarking slicing and dicing the very hard packed frozen man made surfaces of Whiteface. 
  I certainly cannot say enough good praise for the snowmaking efforts of Whiteface.  Today they had lake effect intensity snow guns going on Wilderness to get ready for the World Cup moguls in a couple of weeks.  As of last weekend there had been no snow what so ever on Wilderness so what was there today was fresh, deep, ungroomed, soft and forgiving and worth lapping consistently.  Last Saturday was the same on Skyward off the summit but Sunday's rain ruined all the efforts so all this week it has been closed.  Today the guns were blasting again to regain what was lost but alas the summit was not open at all.  The trails that have been open the longest are the ones in worse shape since they have endured the most rain and thaw and refreeze cycles producing the hardest surfaces.  They can't continuously replenish everything they started with and also gain on new terrain with the snow making.
  On a better note, the future weather predictions call for consistent cold weather which will provide thick lake ice for the winter carnival ice palace building in Saranac Lake.  We takes what we gets.  Jimski
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