The small Nor'Inchers during the week helped a lot.  Groomers were great and the not groomed.....errr, ya' had to scratch and claw for the good turns.  On Saturday for sweep, I got Gazelle Glades which made me roll my eyes.  I found surprisingly good turns down upper Panther and was stunned at how good the skiing was there in Gazelle Glades.

Today was pretty much the same thing in the am.  Terry Barbour the Ski Patrol Head gave us patrollers a 2 hour long clinic which was a blast and a great complement to a lesson I took at Sugarbush earlier in the season.  Even the Flight Commander and Christian were in the clinic. Working with both skis, pointing the inside knee to where you want to go (almost like "Ski where you wanna be" per what the late Theo Meiners taught us in camp!), rolling the thighs - really great stuff. Instruction/techniques has changed a lot over the last 10 years and I think if you're not taking lessons, you're missing out on a lot even if you're an expert.  The more I take lessons, clinics and camps, the more fun I have skiing.  I'd love to hear what new list member La Nina has to say given her background in coaching/instructing.

In the afternoon, a bit of wind picked up and scoured certain spots......which also deposited fluff in other spots.  Birdland stint was a great place to clinic and Sweep for me was down Quacky.  The latter had some nasty porcelain which is rare for that but also had some nice fluff down below - beware of the scoured spots!  I finished off with lower Liftline which was surprisingly good.
Mark P. Renson
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