Conditions were great Monday on the Big Hill, and we enjoyed a fun day.

Not to be a downer but there were some disappointments at $teaux.

We started, or would have, at 7:25, however problems with the fancy Ticket
Bypass system caused the 2 of us to spend 5-10 minutes getting our tickets
activated at the lift line even though we had already activated and used
the fancy bypass cards. 5-10 minutes felt like it made a difference at 7:25
on a powder day when we made a concerted effort to arrive early and
prepared. Oh well.

The hill is 100% open. Any trail, any woods run was available, except for
one certain woods run off the Sensation Quad that had patroller Sebastian
(sp?) in the trees lecturing people for ducking a rope on a closed trail
above that connected to Main Street, or used to until now, now that the
trail is never open even on days like Monday when racing is not taking
place on Main Street. Heck, there were moguls in the woods but not being an
area that ski patrol actually sweeps we were clearly in the wrong. Sebby
(Sevvy?) had just spoken to a group of 3 or 4, released them, spotted us
Nutmeggers uphill, gave us the speech, then Sebby had to deal with an adult
from Mount Mansfield Ski Club and his 5 young charges with official club
jackets and patches. The adults were on a first name basis... so doubtful
they received the tongue lashing we received, pretty funny, actually. I
mean, I understand the difficulty in keeping safe an entire mountain but a
well tracked glade just off a major run that MMSC kids seem to know like
their living rooms? Heck, if the MMSC club kids and parents cannot get it
right, what hope is there for the part time visitors who shell out $80+ for
a day ticket?

We shared an egg sandwich at the posh Spruce Camp which was quite a
disappointment compared to the egg sandwiches that Tired Old Skier touts -
the ones served at elevation in the Octagon. Spruce's are too bready on
some sort of doughy panini roll, not on an english muffin like at the

And then, when we left Spruce for the Mansfield side the Over Easy funny
sideways lift was closed for mechanical troubles. That is weird when the
lift does not even travel folks uphill and it breaks down. A short wait for
a shuttle bus was all it took to get back onto the dirtbag Mansfield side
of the Big Hill. The sideways lift was apparently also down Tuesday due to
high winds. Good luck parking everyone on Mansfield when the sideways lift
can't even operate.

Anyhow, the snow conditions were great, we enjoyed our day and we look
forward to more fun days on the slopes soon.


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