Nice. I decided that this weekend was a good time to put in a new floor 
and paint the walls in the kitchen. Even bad skiing would have been more 
fun, but if I had to miss a weekend in the mountains, this was an OK one 
to miss, I guess. I admire your persistence. But I do have a bone to 
pick with your daily count totals -- as one who can't keep up with the 
Joneses, it makes me feel like I'm missing out. Which, of course, I am.

I made up for it today (Day 16) which was the best of the year so far.

Dave G.

On 01/19/2015 08:29 PM, roger Klinger wrote:
> Wait 5 minutes.  That's what you're supposed to do if you don't like 
> the weather in VT.
> Saturday was too cold. Woke up to -5 at the house. Forecasts for 3000' 
> put the windchill below -40.  Let Sonya make me pancakes for the first 
> time ever. Ate slowly, and enjoyed the french press a couple of times. 
> Still too cold.Luckily there was ~3" of snow at my house, and vast, 
> hilly horse pastures just uphill of it.  Perfect for leather boots, 
> 3-pins, and an old pair of Fisher Rebounds. I spent 3 hours repeatedly 
> running up and laying esses down side-by-side on 5 of the hillsides in 
> the pastures. One day I'm going to have to head up there with the goal 
> of turns down every one of the hills.  Took one fall. Bad idea on so 
> little snow.  Jammed my  right middle finger into the ground. It is 
> triiiple it's normal size. As a Brooklynite, that might come in handy.
> Sunday-Well, if Saturday is too cold, than Sunday will be too warm.  
> And even so, conditions will suck.  On the map, Smuggs was 
> horrendous-- frozen groomer tracks, or glare ice, or moonscape.  
> Saturday's winds had taken their toll. Off the map was sketchy since 
> the snow had been getting scraped down and all the downed wood from 
> the December storm was poking out. 5 runs and I went home.
> Monday- Part 1: Wet storm. Everything was open at Smuggs. They claimed 
> 5" on the snow report but there was clearly more. There wasn't enough 
> snow to keep you off the ice on the steep bit, but places where the 
> angle kicked back a little were creamy.  Skied with Tawny B and Alex 
> F. Did six runs on the map before heading off the map. One run down 
> The Ear was ok but not great, as it had already been tracked.
> Part 2:Dry storm. I swear the surface of the snow changed in the 
> course of 5 minutes. It had been snowing all morning and the temps had 
> dropped so that the new snow was drier. Decided to try Geriatric and 
> we struck gold. Relatively light snow, all but untracked, and the 
> slightly mellower pitch kept the skis from touching the bottom.  By 
> this point, the snow was easily 10" deep and much more delightful than 
> earlier. Every line we chose seemed to be practically untouched, 
> despite the fact that it was already past 1.  We went back for more. 
> Until I ran out of time.  Got home way later than I had promised.  But 
> still in time to divert Sonya's attention while Amy made a can't-miss 
> conference call. If I had waited 5 more minutes to leave, the climate 
> at home would have been pretty ugly.
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