"My first afternoon run was on Chin Clip. It was amazing. It was easy to find untracked most of the way down. Friends that skied Gondolier said it was a skating rink. I then went to the Quad and skied Lift Line. Again it was untracked the whole way down. It was so good I did it again. My previous run's tracks were all blown in. While it was untracked, it wasn't that lite. I was on all mountain skis but they didn't sink in very far. They made for fantastic turns. Then I decided to give National a go, but it was terrible. It was so bad that I bailed at the intersection and went back to Lift Line. That was way that day panned out. Some trails were amazing, others were terrible. I ended up getting done in by the rides up the Quad. No matter how much I warmed up skiing down, the wind on the ride up did me in."

How do you explain that?  Wind direction?  Strength?  I've occasionally gotten nasty unexpected surprises in snow conditions, but such a contrast in runs so close together boggles the mind.  I ask in the interest of learning something that may be useful in the future.

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