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“I don’t think it’s unreasonable for someone to ask the question ‘are taxpayers getting a fair term?’” Hoffer said.


The leases were negotiated in good faith by the ski areas and the State of Vermont, and last a good long time past today. Those quoted in the story as saying there's nothing the state can do to change it are correct.

The article sidesteps - though it implies - the added value in revenue to Vermont in the form of local taxes (real estate, rooms and meals, sales). Considering the state as a whole these almost certainly more than offset the decline in relative value of the lease payments - which are due, as much as anything, to inflation.

What I find most alarminf is the comments - which, while well meaning, are wildly ignorant of both law and economics. If the State of Vermont starts reneging on deals it agreed to, God help it.
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