There are a few of you out there who know Steve Skilton and that he had a severe injury awhile back. Well, whaddya' know, he ran the tail on a wreck on Paradise on Friday.  Saturday was cold.....but sunny with low humidity, so it felt great.  Conditions were outstanding and Cat Bowl was a blast.  It all felt like such a treat given that the prior 3 Januarys have been such duds - wax those boards and get out in Northern Vermont 'cuz it's happening.  The clinic I took last weekend really paid off and I, The Flight Commander and Christian have been working on showing off the inside of our thighs and pointing the knee to where we wanna' be.

Today, I wanted to practice running sleds, but Jeff made me sled meat so that Peter and semi-lurker Telechica could get signed off.  Telechica really rocked it in the tail and in the handles and did so on freeheel gear.  I was proud of her and let her know that at the end of the training.  The skiing was great, but temps rose above freezing....uh-oh.  Some mist and showers commenced on the final ride up The Single......but on Sweep, it started to snow briskly down to Midstation and reports are coming in that there' 1-3" of new on Stark Mountain now, so relax as all will be well tomorrow.  Then I had to drive home so that tomorrow I could put my nads in the corporate vice and have them squashed.  
Mark P. Renson
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