"After the rush when you come back down you're always disappointed nothing seems to keep you high..."

Joni got it right. We're sitting here in Denver airport waiting for the 11:55 pm red eye to jfk, arriving BTV sometime Sunday morning, after 7 straight days of ski fun. Random thoughts. Yesterday was powdery moguls on 4 Eva , today was firm bumplings on Vasquez ridge. Both days were NASTAR  racing because we could. Watch for forthcoming video of the kid rocketing through tight trees and cliff drops sort of under the super gauge six pack at Mary Jane. Manager at Snoaisas lodge gave us free lunch today because she dug the Johnson plaid woollies. Sorry Jonathan,  but I only did one true black at MJ (Trestle). Ran out of time for eagle wind, something to save for next visit. Boy broke a ski brake attempting 540 in the park. Living large 3 minute walk from studio condo to lifts, never left The Village. 

Could string it out to 8 days with a couple runs at MRG tomorrow, at expense of marriage. Guess I'll wait to Thursday to ski again. 

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