The World Cup men are training today on the Hahnenkamm for tomorrow and 
Saturday's downhill in Kitzb├╝hel. Kjetil Jansrud came flying over a lip 
at speed, got so far back that the back seat was somewhere in front of 
him, both hands rolling down the windows, and while his right ski 
remained in a somewhat normal position, his left ski was pointing 
directly skyward, at a 90 degree angle to the snow. Imagine being in 
that position, going 70-ish MPH, in the air. Yeah, right. Not only did 
Jansrud not crash, he recovered without a hiccup and set the fastest 
training time.

I'm in awe, and I really want to see that show up on YouTube so I can 
see it again.

Dave G.

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