So, ever since Nina posted to the list, we've been getting snow......which makes sense 'cuz Nina -> La Nina -> the weather phenomenon that brings monster snowfall amounts to the PNW and BC.

OK everyone, just get out and make turns.  The skiing is happening in Northern VT.  Stop whining about how expen$ive $teaux is and that Spruce Peak base monstrosity that they have and stop sniffling and crying over MRG and their elitist snob skiers (that you can't out-ski) and that there's not enough plastic shiny materialistic sh!t there.  Just go out and make turns.

The trip up the last few weekends has been taking seemingly less time, probably because the older I get the more excited I become and that just helps the time go by faster.  Last week's snowfall has really helped out and it feels great to have a decent January for the first time since 2011.  The woods are in and since I'm a conservative skier whose, that means for sure that they're OK, albeit the snow was kind of heavy.  I actually got lost on Paradise - I was descending on skiers right below Grandfathers and then I got to the final traverse from Fall Line and headed skier's left.....and got disoriented and after awhile thought I was well to the skier's left of Paradise until I got down to Broadway between Fall Line and 'Dise.  Go figure.

Later on, we did sled work down Fall Line to Canyon with Monk and Hoppy who together combine for 139 years in age.

After sweep, I headed to the ski shop to get some work down on my boots.  This was done in order to compensate for my right leg being 1cm shorter than the left due to busting my leg in half on Jan 1, 1988 (Dr. Vargas at Rutland Hospital put me back together with 3 screws rather than the 5 plus a rod that he initially planned on).  The ski shop did some stellar work and on Sunday, I worked on some things that I went over with Terry Barbour a few weeks ago and I felt better.

Sunday was cold and things got slick in spots.  Cat Bowl was still very good and has been the last 2 weekends - just favor skiers right.  

Now get out from behind the stupid computer or annoying smart phone and go make turns.
Mark P. Renson
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