Can anyone think of a reason why none of the the students in the "student" sub-organization in my domain can't use a screencast extension?  I have tried Screencastify, Snagit, and one other that I can't remember, but none of them seem to want to start start recording.  Screencastify gives me a page that says something to the effect of "Loading: Just a few more things..." but never resolves.  Snagit never seems to load.  I've checked to make sure that screenshots are enabled, but am guessing that I've missed some other critical "permission" issue.  I have been having issues with Chrome hanging on students at log-out, which I traced to pinned extensions link Speakit, but I have removed that one.  (Running the latest version of Chrome on iMac with 10.6.8)

Edith Fogarty
Technology Integration Facilitator
Bradford Elementary School
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Bradford, VT 05033
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