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>> I'll take negative over above freezing any winter day. This season has
>> held up very well directly because of the cold. The snowfall amounts have
>> been above average, sure, but not by that much really. The difference is
>> we've had exactly zero rain events or even slight thaws since December
>> where it matters. Hail the cold
>And the snowfall amounts may only be above average (if they are at all)
>because of the cold and loft it provides. Its been entertaining watching
>the parade of big storms this year that drop most of their moisture in
>central New England with lesser moisture and more loft to the colder north,
>leading to very similar storm total reports.
>According to NOAA the snowdepths in much of the North Country are below
>normal, FWIW:
>* <>*
>John, have you considered backcountry skiing? It might solve a lot of your
>cold weather issues. ;)

I am just too lazy to be a serious backcountry skier. 

Normally we buy a case of handwarmers at Costco at the start of the season.  
We rarely use the whole box.   This year we are on our second.

Today was nice, but now the snow is starting to firm up.  It hasn't snowed since I took our Patriots flag in.
Perhaps I need to take it out again.


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