Folks in the New England area, consider presenting at the second annual 
Hip Hop Summit sponsored by the UConn Hip Hop Collective. They have 
partnered with NEAG, School of Education to put on an amazing event, and 
would like you to participate! The theme for the 2015 Summit is “Hip Hop 
and Social Activism.”

“The Collective, is a student-run organization at the University of 
Connecticut that strives to empower, educate and inspire the community 
through exposure of the Hip Hop culture. We focus on showcasing Hip Hop 
as an art form and outlet for self-expression. The purpose of our annual 
Summit is to promote community engagement, fellowship, cultural 
awareness and positive self-expression among the UConn community by 
bringing together scholars, artists, activists, and students to engage 
one another creatively, collectively, and intellectually.

The Collective is hosting an Education Conference in conjunction with 
the NEAG School of Education on Saturday, April 18, 2015. We are looking 
for professors, students, teachers, community leaders – essentially, 
anyone who interested in presenting at the conference! “

Please click the link below to submit a proposal, and also please share 
with friends and colleagues!