Hi All,

I read old postings about heating element suppliers (TC/EA) - Kanthal and MHI.
As someone mentioned, yes, the price seems cheaper. 
Just taking longer to get them.

MHI requires min. 20 heating elements to order. They used to sell it individually, but not anymore.

Kanthal doesn't seem to have the min. number to order.
I am considering to try their product. So, a few questions... 

1. If anyone tried Kanthal heating element (for Thermo TC/EA), could you tell me the part number? 

2. The heating element I have has two slits on top (where two ceramic spacers locate). 
Does the heating element from Kanthal have it? Do it matter?

3. They said the ID can vary depending on how they made...I am not sure of this. Anyway, they only tell the OD. 
What is the ID of the heating element you had from Kanthal?



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